Where to go?

The planned route.

The decision has been made! As long as possible around the world. But ....where to go exactly?


I would love to see everything! Isn't that the point of a trip around the world? But when I really got to grips with it 6 months ago - when i firstly made my plans - it quickly became clear to me that


EVERYTHING is a little to much.


Not enough time and not enough money. I also don't feel like rushing through the countries and just ticking my list. I want to discover the countries in a way that I cannot discover them in 2-3 weeks of vacation. With time and without big plans.


I became aware of this, especially last year during my Vietnam vacation. We (my ex-girlfriend and me) just planned too much (not only her fault), hurried through the country and the half of which we wanted to see was not possible...... due to a small salmonella incident that bound us 5 days.


Apart from that, I need 2 weeks anyway to relax at all. In Vietnam in particular, many of the fellow travelers we met on the way gave us great tips for destinations that simply weren't in the travel guide and were simply out of time.


I just want to stay longer where I like it and be able to move on flexibly if the place just demands a weary yawn. Thats how i want this trip.  Just enjoy real freedom while traveling and only be driven by my inner compass and thirst for adventure. Don't just tick the box and think about the return flight on the first day.


The question still remains - where to go? Everything doesn't work ... now ... okay. What might will be possible later..maybe after this world trip? The countries that are easy to travel and have a good infrastructure. USA, Japan, Europe, that can also be done as a pensioner or with children. So what will you not be able to do or what will become significantly more difficult, especially when your health is perhaps no longer the best? … Decisions have to be made! So like the strategist as i am....i bought a rewritable 1mx1.50m world map to make my crosses for destinations. Make it visual. But where exactly to make the crosses?


To See the  Everest...just once… with your own eyes - big cross Nepal! Walking on the Great Wall of China and exploring the huge country of the middle and not understanding a word they speak- I'm in! ... so second cross China. See the vastness of Mongolia , sleep in a yurt under thousands of stars? I read in a book that Mongolia has the clearest starry sky in the world and you can see the Milky Way with the naked eye ... no question crosses! Okay, but so much Asia? Asia is great, but I've been there many times.


It should be a trip around the world! I read on a travel blog: "You speak of a trip around the world if you have visited at least 3 continents in one trip". So.... on to new horizons...or continents. Down Under - the other side of the world! Kangaroos and Koalas - I want to see definetely.  Central America?,  Havent been there, yet - see the ancient civilizations?!?! ... that would be great!



Uhhhh ... ok, these are now a feeewww  crosses on the map and in the end there should be an affordable route, in which I do not fly all over the world and my budget is completely used up after 3 months ....mmhhh...... Maybe a round the world ticket? No, better not. I don't want to set too much in advance . Too inflexible .... for me. I would always think about the next flight...the schedule. No schedule!!!! I like to fly a lot, but I don't really like to fly to all countries.


A mental flashback floats in my head ...two years my two best friends and I were on a plane on our way to Cusco in Lima and the ground staff made the airplane wing fit with ......adhesive tape! Fortunately, I didn't have to see it myself, just the dear friend, who sits on the wingside  told us just after the landing. Praiseworthy friend..


Okay ... the route:  Mongolia, China, Nepal, maybe India (Taj Mahal) and then down under… there would still be Indonesia and then across the South Pacific (Woooaarrrr!) To Central America. Mmmhhh ... at least sounds like a route. Pre-book? No! I would lose too much of what this trip is supposed to do: the secret tips and spots and detours of course.... the ones you will talk about later. The odd way. And besides, it happens - first - anyway - and second - it happens always differently than you think.


So, first stop Mongolia then? What does Skyscanner say? 600 € one way flight?!?!… no way! Too expensive. How about the train? Wasn't there something ???... .. In one of my favorite books »Mittendurch statt drüberweg« (Translation: Straight through instead going over it) two friends go on a trip around the world and their first big adventure is the Trans-Siberian Railway . 10,000km through the largest country in the world ... and where can the railway bring you.?.....Exactly! To Mongolia! And for only around 300-400 € inluding stops on the way to visit the Russian cities. A trip around the world including the largest country in the world?!? ... that will definitely look great on the scratch world maps later and is a real adventure! For me....Well then…. The plan:


Russia. Mongolia, China, Nepal.


At least for Russia and China I need VISA beforehand, which I can only apply for in Germany. And Mongolia and Nepal are must haves! And then ... let's see ... always towards the rising sun ... towards the southeast.


Okay ... where have I been already? A lot to Southeast Asia .. oh, how beautiful!


Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore .....done.


South America? ... Peru, Bolivia ..check... and phenomenal! Hawaii ..was amazing...but too expensive anyway. But to be frank...worth every penny ... I wouldn't have thought of it. All erased on the map.


Next question...What do you want to see? The great cultures, adventures and nature of the earth!