will I travel?

How long do I want to travel? I'm sitting in a coffee in Kazan (Russia) and I'm thinking about it. I am deliberately writing this post just now because I had so much to think about before starting the trip. So much happened.


I told my girlfriend about my travel plans. She don't wanted to join. could understand. But it was my dream. So..... I wanted to find a compromise and said ... «how about I travel 2-3 months and you come to see me, for vacation?«. Unfortunately, that didn't work either....with my EX-GIRLFRIEND then. Of course it was not only the trip that separated us. .......So..single again..... 6 months before the planned start of my trip...on my own, now independent and at least free of relation issues,  the job was already canceled. I had to deal with that question, how long it will be possible to travel. A year would be great.

Possible?! ....Then what are the limits? And above all what are the options?


The main limit, of course, is money. I have a limited budget. When i  browse through one or the other world travel blog or YouTube channel, It looks like i have enough budget  for one year. Of course, it depends on my travel style, how much of it I use per day and month. Hotels or hostels? The difference in the word is just swapping one letter but it makes the difference between several months or a year of travel. The limit and opportunity for this trip is the budget. If possible I want to travel as long as possible. So a year is certainly possible.


Especially when I see the list of countries that I want to visit. I quickly realize that that year can be over veeeeery quickly. As I said ... I don't just want to tick off countries, I want to find out about them. And to do that, I have to travel a little slower.


In addition, the subject of “Work and travel” is also somewhat more difficult with Ü30 . Because from 33, for example, in Australia and many other countries, this is unfortunately no longer possible. At least not legally. The opportunity to just go to Australia and finance my stay, which is certainly expensive, with work, will not work that way. I have to finance myself. Incidentally, the only exception is Canada, where work and travel is possible up to 35, but only about 4000 people receive a corresponding visa per year. But...Canada is  currently not on my plan. Earning money legally is in that case kind of difficult on this trip. 


The second limit is bureaucracy in Germany. I want to go back again. ...i think. However, I no longer have a job and then certainly after traveling no more reserves. Finding an apartment in Cologne without a job or money?! Almost impossible. Fortunately, there is the German social system, in which I have paid the highest rates diligently in recent years because of my job.


At the employment agency they tell  me that from the day I am unemployed I receive unemployment benefits for a maximum  period of 12 months in the next 24 months. But also I am given 3 months of spear time because I have given up the job on my own. That means in plain text. Unless I find a job right after my return, I could get unemployment benefits for 9 months. And that is not a small task when you have paid maximum rates. The only requirement is that I have to be back within 12 months after the termination in order to assert my claim personally. That means very clearly. I resigned on July 31st, 2019 and have to personally present to the employment agency before July 31st, 2020 in order to assert my claim. My safety net if everything goes wrong. Thanks social system in germany. 


Then of course the health insurance is an issue... You can take out one year as a world traveler for around 450-700 euros per year with providers such as STA Travel or Hansemerkur. I took mine from HanseMerkur - not including traveling USA and Canada, since this costs would be 200 Euros more. It runs until June 30th, 2020. So another limit ... otherwise I have to pay again.


OK. So I have my limits: budget…. Employment agency and health insurance at June 31, 2020… and last but not least my mood. Maybe I miss the February Carnival in cologne too much ... but that's still a long way off. That's why I'm only now writing the post. Because my speculations when I will come back in the run-up to 2 weeks went up to "you will never come back anyway". Words from my friends like, "If you are back after 2 weeks, at least you tried and we can at least go celebrating again." By the way, I really helped a lot here to overcome the last doubts.


Now that I have returned to travel, I realize how much I am in my element. So to answer the question of how long I want to travel. If the budget is there, as long as the limits are there, all year round. I'll probably never do that again. Then as long as I can. Let's see what I say in a few months.