"Really? Now? Canceled everything at 34? That´s brave « ... I've heard a lot lately. But in the same breath comes directly: »Oh, I would like to do that«, »I'm jealous« ... and that by every age group from 20 to 60.


Because it feels like for every second or third person I know the world trip is at the top of the list of their life dreams. "Once around the world, that would be it ... ... but" ... followed by something like "the problem is career, children, house, property, no money, am I not lonely there?". Of course, I also thought about all of this.

I've even thought a lot about it in the past few months. Maybe I am too old for this trip? Shouldn't you save on the little house and is your career turning now? Actually, it ran quite well. And what about a wife and children?


.... By the way ... It's a pretty helpful and supporting thing at this point that my parents don't see it that closely with the grandchildren and would rather that I live the life I'm happy with...thats better than a grandchild / granddaughter quickly. Thank you very much for both of you and also for my big brother, who has already taken care of the family planning for us 3 brothers ;-). Even if I want it.... if it fits with a partner.


But back to the topic: Too old? In the wrong phase of life? Between 30 and 40 ... isn't this time the rush hour of life? At least it seems that way. In the middle of life maybe children, the dream of a house is realized and has to be paid off, in the job you are fully integrated and you are climbing up the career ladder and ... and then? Yeahhhh..., the trip around the world, founding your own company, learning the musical instrument, playing in a band, writing a novel ... whatever ... that i will do later "when the time is right" ...someday.

And when exactly is that?


When the kids are out of the house? When the house is paid off? When the coveted job position has been found? For the most of us probably not. And probably not for me either. Maybe then my family is far too important to me and maybe I am not that sporty and adventurous anymore that I can experience the adventures that I want for myself. To Everest at 67? Mmmm ... possible but I think there are a lot of benevolent events necessary so that nothing goes wrong until then. And I don't want to rely on benevolent fate for so long.

You just think you have eternal time. But just last year I realized that this is not the case. I think women have a much better grasp of this than men. For them, the biological clock starts ticking much earlier than for us men. Have children? Have no children? You probably become more aware of the limited time. But I also became aware of it. Diseases in the circle of friends ... cancer in relatives or two former classmates who unfortunately are no longer with us.

I think right now, you still think you have  time ...forever....and you also stay healthy forever. But that's exactly not the case. Only now do I really become aware of the fact that parents or relatives who are a bit more mature wish you good health for your birthday. Because it doesn't get better in the course of life and when it no longer exists, everything else doesn't matter anymore. That's the issue of men's flu, by the way :-) ... as a little relaxation on the edge.


I observe how one or the other just keeps dreaming and the things they dreamed of as a child or as an adult and still would like to have...they will never do them. Because of the limits in your head. Ask yourself for the life you helps to see if your right or not. 


In an article I read recently, what the 50 top people's life dreams of the people all over the world were. On 15 of the top 20 there were things to do with long-distance travel ... the world tour in second place ... see the Great Wall of China and see Mount Everest in the following places.  And I.....I will do it all! Now.

There is no yesterday or tomorrow. The one is memories ...the other imagination or card reading. Whatever you like. There is only real. Especially in times of Corona....(where i translate this article) its been shown in an unbelievable way. Everything can change in the next second. The natural right to go out for example. 


«But your over 30?« tells me someone who is posting every third day «its never too late« on his instagram account.


Just by the way..... I think my age is perfect for this trip. Especially the more I think about it. I am young and fit enough not to be perceived as really old in the hostel or to just run to Everest in Kathmandu and already need the oxygen mask. I have a little money to afford some accommodations better than just the shabbiest hostel in the area. I have enough experience to know what I need, what could possibly go wrong, to say no and make the decisions that I think are right against everyone else, if necessary. And I am interested in different  travel destinations. Not just a party ...okay maybe sometimes :-D...... The wideness of Russia or the loneliness of Mongolia. Thats it.


I think in my early twenties a lot of the way of traveling and where i would go, would have been different. And maybe I would have focused more on partying in Thailand or something similar.

Today I know that when I will lie on my deathbed at the end of this life and I look back, I want to see life what I always wanted. And to realize that, I have to be the person I always wanted to be and that includes doing the things you want. «I think..therefore i am« as Descartes already said.

The best compass on my way to do this, is to do the things that go through your head, but that you are a little or even reaaaaalllyy afraid of. These are the happiness makers. Firstly because you can't get things out of your head anyway .....and when you have overcome the fear, and you see «its possible!!!« are incredibly proud of yourself and relieved. And thaaaaat.... makes you happy. Me at least in my experience.


Why is it adventure and travel that inspires me that much, could be your question? Easy to answer....I got the travel genes from my family ... for example by car through Europe with my parents and my two brothers. To be more specific..... particularly my mother was the spontaneous one with 4 boys (including my dad), often without a plan and without a big booking. Small example of what dimensions this took? The five of us in the small Fiat Tipo to Croatia (mid of the 90s shortly after the war there ended).  We arrive after 12 hours in the deepest night and without having booked anything beforehand. My mother rings the tourist information desk and asks for a room. Various accommodations are shown to us with a moped in front of the car driving through the night ... but for my mother.... the right thing is not available at 2 a.m. To make it clear...there are accommodations....just not the right one for my mother. So.....then the five of us go to sleep in our accommodation the small car.


Yeah ...these are the stories you talk about later and not about the adventures in the all-inclusive hotel when everything goes so well. Adventure .... to be precise my mother. Incidentally, that way of traveling is still the case for her and my dad... only that the sons are only joining once a year the adeventure now ... but then a little more planned.


(Dear mom, if you read this and you will ... that's from my memory, if this is too personal or misrepresented ... ..THATS MY  BLOG and you can't do ANYTHING AT ALL AGAINST!! .....: - D Just Joking....she can ...


Since then I have not gotten rid of the travel fever. Sigmund Freud would have a lot of fun with me with his transaction analysis and the parental ego of his studies.

Summary ... why a trip around the world? I am just the right age, it was instilled in me by my parents anyway, I have no limits other than the ones I set ....and my account. And I want to live the life that I want and that for me consists of my innermost needs, desires and dreams and the people around me. It's like that for me and maybe different for everyone. But listen what is the life you dream of.