Hey, I'm Sascha and now on a world trip ...

Hey, I'm Sascha and now really on a trip around the world!


I am 34 and now live in my absolute favorite city of Cologne, where I found a second home in Carnival, Kölsch (local beer), the flair of the beer gardens and breweries and above all ...the great and funny people here.


Ha! I would never have thought that! Especially 15 years ago in my thousand-soul village  which I come from: «big city! Never! «And then I also feel very comfortable there?!?! (although Cologne is still a village in terms of people - in a positive sense, of course).


I originally come from the beautiful Vogtland in Saxony and, according to this prerequisite, I am also legally known as the "EastCologneGuy". Which is very commendable, since I almost exceeded the normal "Immigration" status.


I came to Cologne 6 years ago via several study stations and a not so straight path (for which I am also grateful today) from Jena, via Nuremberg and Mannheim. I studied psychology (and dropped out after a relaxed 7 semesters) .... then successfully studied business administration and now also studied business psychology again.


In the past few years, I switched to management consulting after a few positions with insurers, where I advised banks and insurers on regulatory issues. Sounds boring. But it wasn't! It was certainly exhausting and sometimes nerve-wracking, but I was lucky enough to get to know great people - like my former boss and mentor and today my great friend Michael - but also great clients, employees and very deep insights into all levels of large corporations such as small businesses.


Where else do you have the chance to give advice and deed to the board of directors and CEOs of the largest companies in finance industry and they really take your advice seriously?!?!... or sometimes not ... So far... for the tabular CV.


I gave up all of that tabular CV- Cologne, job, apartment - for the time being - at least temporarily - to travel around the world.


And letting go was not so easy, especially in the last few weeks before departure. It was more a roller coaster of emotions. Precisely because I could see so many friends again intensively and that was a unbelievable great time. But that's just not the case anymore..its past ..... the CV and my Cologne.


If you leave it all behind you will only notice .... There is the backpack, the guitar and ..... and you.


This post is called  «about me«. What is on the paper doesn't count anymore. At home you always tell first what job you have or maybe what hobbies. The job doesn't matter anymore ...


Then what makes me special? I think a big part of me is that I am very interested in the people around me and i also like to go into the "deep dive" - studying  ​psychology is and was no accident.

I am an adventure and always want to test my limits, leave the comfort zone every now and then and then I discover new perspectives and  find new sides of myself. I want to experience and enjoy what life has to offer.


Music . I've been playing guitar since I was 12. The guitar is also with me during the trip. That makes things a little more complex in terms of luggage technology - but a year without my music is not working with me. Let's see how i will manage it.


And of course traveling. Traveling in particular has given me new worlds, views, attitudes, impressions and perspectives. Especially traveling alone.So far it has been in addition to a lot European countries...Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Peru, Bolivia, California and Hawaii and Vietnam...before the trip. In total 32 countries before the world trip.


Last but not least, cooking is a great passion. I particularly like to cook Thai Curries or Vietnamese Pho by myself, but a real Italian carbonara (without cream) is one of my favorite recipes.


So much of what I can think of roughly. Great to see you here! :-)